Terms and Conditions for Employers

This document outlines the basis of the working relationship between the Careers Service and employers and sets out to clarify the standards and principles for the delivery of our services.

For terms and conditions relating specifically to recruitment events please see this document.

These Terms and Conditions draw from recognised policies and legislation on equal opportunities and confidentiality. They also follow guidelines set out by the following professional organisations, of which the Careers Service is a member*:

  • Best Practice in Graduate Recruitment as agreed by AGCAS* (the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services)
  • AGR* (the Association of Graduate Recruiters)
  • NUS (National Union of Students)
  • NASES* (National Association for Student Employment Services)

If you have any questions regarding this document, please contact us.

Vacancy advertising 

Mycareer provides a free vacancy advertising service to employers. This includes graduate positions, temporary roles, part-time work for current students, vacation work, internships and placements.

1. General rules:

1.1. All contracts of employment are between the student or graduate and the employer.

1.2. The Careers Service reserves the right to edit vacancy details and the right not to advertise an employer's vacancy that we consider inappropriate to our remit as a University Careers Service.

1.3. The careers service will not distribute flyers, posters or similar material to academic departments or other areas of the University. Please see the Employer section of the Careers Service website for alternative profile raising opportunities: http://www.careers.bristol.ac.uk/Employers.

1.4. The Careers Service will not give out details of students for employers to contact direct.

1.5. The Careers Service will not interview students on behalf of employers.

1.6. The Careers Service will not advertise any vacancies that:

a) Appear not to comply with UK employment legislation.

b) Promote or endorse illegal activity.

c) Involve students writing academic essays for use by other students.

d) Represent a health and/or safety risk to students.

e) Have misleading, incomplete or inaccurate job descriptions.

1.7. The employer must:

a) Provide a job description specifying skills and qualifications required.

b) Indicate the hourly rate or salary range.

c) Include clear application contact details (or url link, as relevant).

d) Ensure the entire selection process is clearly explained to applicants (including assessment centres/tests) and keep them informed if offer/process is delayed.

e) Clarify the availability of feedback.

1.8. The role advertised must meet the requirements of and comply fully with all relevant UK legislation relating to employment, particularly:

a) Higher national minimum wage.

b) Tax.

c) National insurance contributions.

d) Health and safety.

e) Employer liability insurance.

f) Equal opportunities (gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age) – see section 6.

g) Overseas nationals.

1.9. The employer’s/agency’s company profile must include:

a) Organisation name.

b) Full address.

c) Company/charity registration number.

d) Web address.

e) Landline phone number.

f) Contact email address.

g) Type, scope and size of the organisation.

1.10. The employer must act according to Best Practice in Graduate Recruitment guidelines.

2. Teaching abroad:

2.1. The Careers Service will not advertise any individual teaching abroad vacancies.

2.2. The Careers Service refers Bristol students and graduates to resources available within the Careers Service and online.

2.3. The Careers Service will direct students to websites including: Onestopenglish,The Guardian and Cactus tefl.

3. Recruitment agencies/third parties:

3.1. The Careers Service will advertise paid graduate positions advertised by recruitment agencies/third parties but not temporary roles.

3.2. The Careers Service will advertise vacancy details under the recruiter’s company name or the client’s company name.

3.3. The client’s company name and details must be made known to the Careers Service, but will not be disclosed to students/graduates or other recruiters unless agreed.

3.4. The Careers Service will not advertise jobs where a worker must pay a fee or an ‘umbrella’ company is used to pay workers including making appropriate tax and national insurance deductions; this service must be paid for by the agency.

3.5. The Careers Service will not advertise positions where an individual must set up as a limited company to receive payment - tax and national insurance must be taken care of by the agency.

4. Payment:

4.1. The Careers Service will not advertise volunteering roles, or any positions paid less than the UK Higher Minimum Wage of £7.38 per hour (or equivalent).

4.2. The UK Higher Minimum Wage must be paid as a base wage, before any included benefits such as accommodation or training.

4.3. Where a job is based abroad, the wage paid must also be in line with the minimum wage in the hiring country.

4.4. The Careers Service will not advertise any vacancies where the student is charged or required to invest.

4.5. The Careers Service will not advertise any vacancies that are paid on a commission only basis.

4.6. The Careers Service will not advertise any vacancies that are self-employed.

4.7. The Careers Service will not advertise any vacancies that are connected with a 'pyramid' (or similar) selling scheme.

5. Dates:

5.1. The Careers Service will aim to respond to all vacancy advertisement requests within 48 hours of receipt.

5.2. The Careers Service will advertise vacancies until the closing date.

5.3 The employer will be notified when the advertisement is about to expire and given the opportunity to extend.

6. Equal Opportunities:

6.1. The Careers Service will not advertise vacancies with ‘junior’ or ‘senior’ in the title.

6.2. The Careers Service will not advertise vacancies that specify a ‘native’ speaker is required - instead this must be referred to as ‘fluent’.

6.3. The Careers Service will not advertise vacancies that specify an age requirement unless the relevant clause of the Equalities Act is stated.

7. Individuals:

7.1. The Careers Service will not post roles which are advertised by an individual rather than a company.

7.2. Any individual vacancies which have previously been posted on the system will be removed.

8. University vacancies:

8.1. The careers service will not advertise roles based in other Universities unless they are part of a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership).

8.2. To advertise an internal vacancy the University of Bristol department must be registered as an organisation on mycareer.

9. Internship schemes:

9.1. The category ‘UoB and Santander SME Internship Schemes’ is only for those employers whose internships are part of one of these programmes.

9.2. Please contact the Internship team at careers-uobinterns@bristol.ac.uk if you are interested in applying to participate in our internship schemes.